July 12, 2011

Watermelon balsamic skewers

Its a balmy weather by the gulf today. And i wished not to drink a glassful nor eat a plateful , just when this new idea fitted well. Take a look.

Vividly remembering the day when we first stepped in this city, and how i was mesmerized by the beauty and colors of the gulf in front of our hotel suite! Waking up one morning to get immersed into this beautiful view of water again, i was humming some lines to myself and surprised i was, for they rhymed :)  and thus i became a one day poet as my husband puts it now. Let me share those lines with you- amateurish certainly. but here it goes:
                                  This Persian gulf and its varied hues, from black velvet to royal blues.
                                  The sun  howling through the day, the gulf growling in emerald grey.
                                  The coral whites shinning bright, telling a story for the sky to site.

I was taken by the beauty not just literally but more on a deeper level which u may have learned in the lines above. The sun by this side of the world is so scorching that anything living would get light headed outside if  not cautious.. and its this irony between us (the living) and the nature around  that struck me then! For as the sun was turning into a ball of fire with the day, the gulf was gleaming brighter and much more brighter as if adapting its colors to suit the sun. The battle if i call it or an inner instinct to survive, the gulf always outshined the overbearing sun ,usually by deep noon. And in my mind i learned --change is best embraced when adapted to accordingly, becoming my first lesson for our move beside these new shores :)

Well today taking the same red from the sun and emerald from the sea, i have a very quick very enticing appetiser/ palate neutralizer for you. The idea for my no-not-so-much-a-recipe germinated from a beautiful picture which i saw on - The cool hunter( via facebook )

Ingredients: (for four people)
12 Fresh watermelon pieces, cubed (3 per person)
6 Cherry tomatoes, cut vertically into two
12 Fresh mint leaves, stemmed
2 tsp Balsamic vinegar, more to serve on the side.
Sea salt to sprinkle
12 Toothpicks to skew

Start skewing with the  freshly cubed melon , mint and cherry tomato in an order. Repeat the same for all the skewers.

Place in the refrigerator to cool.  When ready to serve, drizzle some balsamic and sprinkle some sea salt on each of these mini skewers. Plate immediately and enjoy. Have some more balsamic on the side for dipping if u like.

Very refreshing!!



  1. Wow this is wonderful and looks fab ..colourful ....you have a nice blog ...and you can sure bookmark my recipe in ur browser rite? :)

  2. Wow Shruti it looks cool. I like the way you presented it. Great going girl. Looking forward to more creative recipes from you. Just showed Prashant's Mom and she is going to try this today.

  3. They look cute! Loving ur new crockery..

  4. Beautiful description of the gulf, made me want to go visit... haven't been to that part of the world yet but sure will someday. And who says a recipe has to be complex to make a beautiful and delicious dish, your presentation speaks for itself.

    US Masala

  5. @365, prachee, sharmilee-- thank u to each one of u.

    @tanvini, feel honoured to hear that aunty plans to try it too :) hope future holds the creative flag flurrying for u to revisit the blog again.

    @aipi indeed u shud visit this mystic land once. and i truly appreciate these beautiful words from the fragrant chef in u:)

  6. I love those petite summer skewers :-)) Surprisingly simple yet so wonderful.

  7. Nice blog! Love the photos! Surely subscribed :)

  8. I have to try this Shruti....this is so simple and attractive. I am planning to impress my MIL with your recipe and presentation. All the best!!

  9. Super cool girl. Can't wait to try it

  10. hummmm... looks good, but can not comment till i taste...so, send it over for my expert comment !!! :-))))


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