Hi there! I am Shruti, an Indian by birth and by heart. A banker by profession and in love with all things fitness finance and food. Wandering the world, presently based in Abu Dhabi. I aspire to bring meaning to my life by - loving cooking running and enveloping my being,in the deepest crevices of finance. 

How this blog came to be? 
Had been on a work sabbatical since i moved to the United States, after marriage.The sudden flip of the coin made me look at life in a changed light. Marriage gave me some time to myself which i randomly ignored in a busy busy busy work life. Relished the idea to rein my day- read, ran, groomed at my own pace. Times were truly enchanting! But that being said, the transition in time zones -- I mean from a 10-hour work day to 24-hour "look into the air and lounge" day-- life suddenly was no less pressurizing than it was  on any random month end close for a private banker.LOL. It soon dawned on me that I cannot survive in so much of pamper , really needed a deadline to follow. Making the best of what I had in my present, I underwent an odyssey to emphasize the tendrils of my secondary goals in life- those which could be nurtured in my present geography unlike a corporate job. And one among them was to explore and discover what i eat, food.

Since childhood,I always looked up to the great cooks in my family- creativity in the kitchen and the final unveil on the table always excited and charmed me. Taking time but acknowledging finally, that for long i was simmering deep inside to find moments for my OWN escapades in the pots and the pans land, i took charge of the blessed spot in our house -our kitchen. Styling and hosting food everyday since then..and the true accomplishment of seeing the satisfied happy look on faces of friends and family has kept me coming back to my soulpad, the kitchen ever so more! 
Live the moment completely, they say and i live mine 100% when cooking.The blog was born as an extension to journalize my experiences as a cook, to engrave in time the moments gone by. An endeavor truly directed by my five senses and one which owes greatly to my partner in crime,my husband , for being the true taste tester over the years of the many  horrid experiments on our stove :)

What is this blog for me today?
Speaking rather euphemistically, in a world prone to recession- i hold the blog as my sole medium to attain my retirement goals - 'To grow old as a granny with loads of love and recipes to  share ;) '  This small space in the cloud has been more than what i imagined it to be. I see myself evolving each day , every day whenever i sit to write a new post. Its the figment not in my imagination but much in my reality, helping me tame the zombie that i may become in the daily chores of life and work.  

I am no chef but a simple cook, enthused to have ventured into the art and science of what keeps me vibrant occupied and energized. What i cook, you can certainly cook as well. Welcome to my journey of eating good, keeping fit and staying happy. Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

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